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Western Roofing Expo... Finding new avenues to improve labor sourcing.

Eric Carlisle, of Labor Central sits down with Roofers Coffee Shop for a look at the labor marketplace and the changes coming.

As we know, the roofing world has been in a tailspin due to material shortages, distribution delays and hardships causing significant backlog and frustration for roofing contractors.

Secondly, with a declining workforce do to covid restraints, and exiting/aging workforce, the roofing industry is seeing a significant decline in labor sources and subcontract support.


With so many avenues and channels all screaming for attention, where can you go to find a labor marketplace focused on ROOFING. Labor Central. This app is what roofing contractors need in their pocket.

Direct access to search for crews with qualifications required, by location, with insurance details, safety protocols, tools and all of the other criteria contractors look for to more quickly VET the crews as needed.

This platform centralizes both the search mechanism with the communication tool, making the search and find process both organized and fast. Learn More here from the quick interview details and how to get started. Contact Labor Central at

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