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The Ultimate Labor Marketplace

As a valued IB Contractor, you can create a FREE account below. With this account you may search, find, connect with crews in the area you need, quickly. TRY IT TODAY!

The IB/Labor Central partner program provides roofing contractors and crews the opportunity to meet, communicate and work together and support demanding project needs.


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Find Your Next Crew Now.



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Need More Work?

Necesito mas trabajo?

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HOW IT WORKS... for contractors

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Find a crew.

CONNECT. Message crews with your needs and request so you can connect, chat, review and hire asap.

Create Your Account
Provide complete contact and company profile information.

Account Verification An email is sent to verify access. Click on link and continue.

Select Subscription Plan

Select needed crew criteria Click See Results

View a crews profile and qualifications

Create an account.

Simple Search

Watch the video.

Post a Project

Watch the video.


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A platform to empower, educate, and centralize Contractors and Roofers to work Better. Together.

  • Unlimited crew access

  • 24 hour/7 days a week

  • Automated connection alerts

  • Detailed crew profiles

  • Crew/contractor messaging

  • Hire local crews

  • Rate and feedback

  • Unlimited project access for crews

  • Meet more contractors

  • Grow service areas

  • Expand business

Yes, we are here for you.

Reach out now... call 682.228.2885 or email

We know you may have questions, need help with crew details or simply creating the account. We are here to help you get what you need.

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