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52% Shortage of Crews in the Roofing Industry right now!

Results show that just over 60% of respondents identified labor retention and recruitment as a top business issue in the industry, with 52% indicating a shortage of field workers. Material cost, training, and supply chain also stood out as challenges contractors are facing this year. From the information gathered from the 256 respondents, estimating and project management technology are a significant need in the industry, along with digital marketing – digital advertising, websites, and content.

Understand the labor issues and issues ahead - here at Roofers Coffe Shop.

About Labor Central, Inc.

Labor Central is an online search and matching platform that quickly connects contractors to crews where they need them when they need them. Based in Colleyville, Texas, and privately held, this SaaS platform currently serving growing U.S. markets since launching in 2021. For more information, visit or LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube.

Media Contact: Eric Carlisle, CMO/CTO at Labor Central. | Customer support 682.228.2885.

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