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Labor is the biggest challenge in the roofing industry, forcing contractors and crews to waste time using inept tools and resources (like Facebook, Craigslist, or brokers) to find crews and work together. 

Founder Jason Stanley knows
labor is your #1 challenge. 

Created by a Lifetime of Passion in the Roofing Industry.

Labor Central - Find your next crew fast.

When you need them. Where you need them.

Started by a second-generation roofing industry insider, Labor Central wants to spotlight those doing the hard work. There's a better way for contractors and crews to connect and control their businesses.


Contractors and crews are at the constant mercy of weather, materials, and scheduling, putting even more stress on their livelihood. The entire industry relies on hard-working contractors and crews, from manufacturers to distributors to the end consumer. Yet they are the most underserved and underappreciated, lacking a real advocate. In an era where politics, pandemics, and staying profitable are forcing many contractors and crews to scramble or quit, you need a new solution to the labor challenge. 

Labor Central is the only online tool designed to quickly connect roofing contractors and crews without a middleman so you can control the future of your business. Our unique CREWHUB platform provides labor connections all in one spot.

Labor Central is a company founded by roofers, contractors, and partners with a vision to change the way contractors and crews connect.

A passion for people and roofing.


Our deep-rooted passion for making roofing one of the top successful trades and for creating an environment where everybody wins is our goal. We know how hard contractors and crews work to bid on jobs, get jobs, and make money.

Labor Central is based out of Texas and was founded by three roofing industry professionals with over 50 years of combined passion and expertise. From rooftops to technical, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, Labor Central's team has the vision to create an environment that roofers will adapt and grow with.


Labor Central’s Vision

Provide the best and easiest way to find skilled crews and contractors and connect to get work done. 


We strive to empower the Latino workforce to better engage, grow and work safely and prosperously in the roofing industry. ​

Creating a space to engage, chat, contract, and complete successful roofing seemed so apparent. Today, many trades have schools, programs, and certifications that they can join, learn and grow from, yet roofing is slow to adopt. While Labor Central brings to light that BOTH contractors and roofing crews need a way to better communicate, work it needs to be done in an app neatly and simply to provide the results for success.


Roofing is a difficult industry.

From steep slopes, weather, materials, and safety issues – it’s no doubt why so many roofing companies start, then disappear. We want more for the crews and contractors. By bringing resources to support roofing crews and contractors – we have designed a Win-Win platform. ​


Labor Central’s Values

Put contractors and crews first

Build lasting networks and relationships with crews and contractors.

Create a platform to improve business contracting for crews and contractors

Educate and grow the roofing labor industry

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