Labor Central is a company founded by roofers, contractors and partners with a vision to change the way contractors and crews connect.


Labor Central is an on-demand recruiting platform connecting roofing contractors to roofing crews to deliver manpower to available projects. Our platform matches contractors and crew based on many factors that can be filtered, and checked prior to hiring a crew.


We have a rating system to help keep track of crews to provide better feedback for next project and likelihood of hiring again to keep everyone honest and operating at their best.


Labor Central is based out of Texas, founded by 3 roofing industry professionals with over 45 years of expertise. From rooftop to technical, manufacturing, distribution and marketing, Labor Central has a vision to create an environment that roofers can get behind!


Labor Central team has focused on 1 thing… what contractors and roof crews need!



It started from a realization by the founding partners that Roofers and Contractors need to have a place to do business right.


Creating a space to engage, chat, contract and complete successful roofing seemed so apparent. So many trades have schools, programs and certifications they typically see more fluid and successfully contracted projects. While Labor Central brings to light that BOTH contractors and roofing crews need a way to better understand project scopes, details, technical aspects and costs associated with roofing to better provide estimates and project completions without interruption.


Roofing is a difficult industry.

From steep slopes, unbelievable temperatures and schedules that are nearly possible to manage because of weather patterns – it’s no doubt why so many roofing companies start, then disappear. We want more for the crews and contractors.


By bringing contracts and resources to roofing crews and labor resources easily available to contractors – we have designed a Win-Win.

Labor Central is a company founded by roofers.


From installation and construction to manufacturing and marketing, our talents have all been assembled here at Labor Central. Our deep rooted passion to make roofing one of the top successful trades and to create an environment where everybody wins - is rule one!


We know how hard you work, to bid jobs, get jobs, and make money. Labor Central - bringing our ever-growing and ever improving database of well connected and capable crews and contractors.

Labor Central’s Vision

Provide the best way to find, connect, and rate roofing crews and contractors while making labor resources a simple and quality process.



To create a community for roofing contractors and crews that provides for their growth, safety and financial security.


Labor Central’s Values

•    Put contractors and crews first.

•    Build lasting networks and relationships with crews and contractors.

•    Create a platform to improve business contracting for crews and contractors

•    Educate and grow the roofing labor industry

We have been collecting, qualifying and working with hundreds of contractors and crews in almost every state. As each state or city have unique requirements, so do you as a contractor and installer in order to maintain the level of business and success each want. Labor Central brings it all together.


We are working in all regions for roofing currently and making plans to expand our markets to similar trades as our systems grow as well as meeting and qualifying crews and contractors to make this app the greatest and most successful of all trades connection platforms. ​


Our online tools and handheld communication is what makes us successful. Our goal is to ensure each of the crews and contractors have the confidence to repeat business and grow to levels not easy without a company like Labor Central. ​


Look out for more contractor and crew resources coming soon.