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Success at the RCAT - San Antonio!

Did you attend this year? If not, you missed out. Learning from others and hearing industry officials discuss the state of the roofing industry... a lot to know.

WOW. For a first show back post-Covid restrictions, the RCAT seemed to have re-energized folks to step out and learn what is going on today! Labor Central was extremely excited about the opportunity to debut the current platform and listen and hear what contractors need to align closer to their needs.

Labor Central support team
Team Labor Central! What an awesome group of talent to bring you results!

Labor Central debuted the first-ever - Contractor-Crew productivity and resourcing app on the market. Yes - There are many tools and CRM's, or roof calculators - but where can you find the tool that connects crews to contractors to support the ongoing labor shortage? Well, you couldn't get until now.

We sponsored a golf hole and attended the expo to dig in and listen to contactors and what they think an app can provide them. An app? Yes, an app. Labor Central intends to bridge the gap between desktop management and CRM solutions with productivity, documentation, and recruiting roof talent all in one place - WITHOUT the cumbersome lift of many applications.

We are currently developing and adjusting the platform to reach the needs of contractors and crews better. With a tool like this, we will provide contractors with a heads-up view of projects in bid, progress, or completion while paying and rating crews.

June 2021 is our platform debut and progress launch to see how to support contractors and crews bigger and better. Stay tuned for more details and learn more here about how Labor Central can and will drive you to better business.

To schedule a demo or a chat with customer support - CLICK HERE!

Get all of our contact information and details here - add to your contacts today!

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