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Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. Labor Central's Launch Point!

Well? You have to start somewhere! And Labor Central is choosing RCAT to attend and make known - that the new contractor and crew web app will be enabled and live!

We are so excited to bring to market a tool that will bridge the gap between contractor and crew providing the abilities to find, contract, manage, communicate and PAY online. Labor Central will revolutionize the connections and resources needed to do better business in the roofing industry.

If you are in San Antonio for the RCAT - stop by our booth 1011 and learn more about how Labor Central can bring you more work, get you paid and help you do better business long term.

In the mean time - Check us out at For some quick FAQ's check it out here.

Contractors - contact our support team and see how we can get you signed up and ready to go before the launch. Pre-register here!

See you in San Antonio!

Labor Central Customer Service 682.228.2885

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