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Independent Contractor Rule. Are you ready? Learn the details here.

How a U.S. rule on independent contracting will affect workers, businesses. If you are a roofing contractor and contract labor is your method of productivity - spend a few minutes here to understand the effects to your business. You need to know. Subcontracting is not going away - it's getting bigger. Start learning the ramifications of how you need to use more crews and document more details...

"Subcontracting in the roofing industry has increased and, in all likelihood, will continue to increase in the future. It is imperative as the owner or designer to be aware when the prime roofing contractor has subcontracted portions of the work and confirm these independent contractors work under the same contractual obligations as the prime contractors."

Original post from: By Curt Liscum, RRC, RRO

Senior Consultant

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