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Get Smart! It pays!

Ever have those days you just don't know what is next? We do! When you are so immersed in daily business, and like most, it's handling EVERYTHING!!! Awesome roofers have a tendency to want perfection in every part of the job! From finding jobs, to clean up, there are many facets and details you have to keep in mind!

SO? The best way to start getting your business in gear is to GET SMART! Yes, on-the-job training, online education, events, associations, and trade shows and courses.

Great opportunity here! The International Roofing Expo. August 10-12 in Las Vegas, has the most extensive training and knowledge courses as well as resources and vendors to learn from. (Yes - even for the guys who have been doing it for 30 years - things change!) You will find new ways of production to business management - which most roofers need the most help with - Time and Money management!!

A quick plug for Labor Central. Join us at the IRE in Las Vegas Booth 921 and find out how our contractor and crew productivity and sourcing app can help you move your business along. Growing your team as you need resources - it's easy.

We get it! You are too busy! (but not really) Without boring you with the ways we can pick apart your day to be more efficient - Let's quickly chat about where to start! The NRCA offers huge opportunities for growth, training, and resources. From certification programs to manufacturer certifications - these will help you grow your product and technical expertise. See the list below for just a few samples of how to plug in. (We will discuss apps and other effective support tools soon)

Every state and region has roofing associations. The phone in your hand is even smart - it knows! All you need to do is (GTS) Google that Stuff!! :) Look up your area events and education programs. By having affiliations with these local chapters - you get to hear, learn and grow from industry experts and your peers! Yes - I said it, good contractors want to share successes and the knowledge to help others and give back.

List of National and Regional Roofing Associations National Roofing Contractors Association -A list of resources and associations for you here - from the NRCA website.

GET PLUGGED IN. Stop sitting on the sidelines. LEARN. GROW. GIVE Learn more about how Labor Central can help you and your roofing business at

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