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Adopting Technology in Roofing. Are you late to the game?

As a tech-savvy guy reliant on the digital world, my life is shaped by tools and resources that help me personally and professionally propel forward in my career and continued education needs. Many platforms, tools, and resources available today were not - even five years ago. I am starting this series of posts to highlight those tools that will support roofing contractors and crews to find success in growth, management, and quality business practices.

I get asked all the time "What is the best CRM?" What is the best roof measure app?" "How do you best market?" "Where do you find crews?" and many others. Topics I will address along the way.

Today, the big question is about CRMs (Customer Relationship Manager). What is a CRM? Well, just what the name says, digital relationship manager and data keeper of your clients and customers. If you are from the old school and keep a little black book, notepads of todo's and contact info and maybe a digital calendar, you need to find a CRM! CRMs will help you focus and centralize customer data, calendars, todos, action plans, automations and more so you may have access anytime, anywhere. In today's market that is a priority. Responding and adjusting to customer needs is priority number one for roofers. (Let's not forget - answer the phone when it rings - but that is another story.)

CRMs today vary in scale, resources, and focus. At the same time, big CRM companies can provide you with all the tools you need to grow and manage a roofing company, from customers to closing sales and even post-storm tracking marketing events, etc. BUT you may need to baby-step! Managing customer data and details is imperative to provide a customer experience that transforms into referrals and leads because you have managed that customer well.

I want to highlight one favorite of mine here for a few reasons. As I stated, Big may be good, but small, focused CRMs and apps will quickly get you the results you need. Without going into learning curves, time, energy and effort, good CRMs are ones that make this step (onboarding) the easiest and fastest.

GIDDY-up Roofing Software

This CRM, a cloud-based software provides roofers with all of the tools to manage customers, canvassing, sales, sales funnel, job progress so you can focus on the roof and running crews! For the record, I am not paid or a spokesperson for Giddy-up, however, I have found and used the software enough to know this is one CRM that is easy, cost effective and can be adapted into any tech stack you currently are using. With so many options to add other integrations - I recommend this for many roofing contractors looking to make the easy transition to the digital world!

I will be posting many other platforms, features and solutions that have real-world merit for roofing contractors and crews. Stay tuned and if you want to add your info to a push notification - just click here

Labor Central is a digital platform to support contractors and crews to connect when and where they need. Providing the simplest, no-hassle, no middleman labor marketplace with qualified crews in the palm of your hand. How? Watch here or of course visit our website and get started today.

The way of finding and connecting to the roofing labor marketplace is changing. Labor Central is the new normal. Check us out and schedule a demo today.

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