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A Contractor's Dream!

Well, we like to think so. BUT - we also hope you have better aspirations outside of roofing!

Shuffling and scrolling through your phone to find Pedro's last bid detail? Maybe it was that photo of the deck he needed information from and...nope still not there. Perhaps even the original bid he prepared for you? Still no? Bummer!

Well, until now your dreams have been muddled in complicated spreadsheets, take off programs, and a genius IQ required to just bid and manage your crews!

Say Hello to Labor Central! - Hello!

Labor Central has distilled the essence of roofing into a hand-held device of your choice. By simply adding a project to the system - you can invite your existing crew members or recruit others to provide their bids for you in a safe, simple environment. Accept the bid, get to work!

So many features found in Labor Central that help expedite and provide a level of structure for you and your crew so you can focus on the the job you do... Roofing, not spreadsheet and project management fumbling.

Take a moment and Check out and schedule an online demo today!

You can even call us! we are here waiting for you! 682.228.2885

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