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Connecting contractors to roofing crews when they need them, where they need them.

GAF Roofing Contractors...

Find Your Next Crew Fast.


Running a roofing business is a
constant challenge.

So many factors beyond your control


Securing all the materials needed to complete your project is a full-time job these days. 


Coordinating Labor, and materials with the building owner across multiple projects can be overwhelming. 


Mother nature can ruin your whole month sending your crews elsewhere for work.


Finding crews with the right skill set WHEN and WHERE you need them can seem impossible.


Take control of your labor with
Labor Central.

Find crews when you need them, where you need them.

Watch how it works. Connect with crews when and where you need.


Your all in one, crew connecting app!

Your All-in-one App:

Find crews
(no more FB, Craigslist, etc.)


Check reviews and work
(no hiring blindfolded)


Message directly
(no weeding through text threads)

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Search & Filter by:

  Roof types

  Manufacturer certifications
  NRCA Certifications
  E-Verified crews
  Insurance coverage

  and more

Got questions?
Chat with Customer Support.
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National Roofing Contractors Association

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Reid Ribble, NRCA CEO.

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"The app is one example of countless ways the industry is innovating, and I expect to see even more creative thinking as the industry grows..."

What others are saying...

Roofing contractors

Gave us quick access to crews in our area so we could easily access and partner with.

Ken Kelly,
Kelly Roofing

Posting projects and details attracted many crews we could review for best hiring practices. A real leg up when trying to find good crews now.

Chase Jones,
CGJ Roofing

What an easy way to find crews and see qualifications before you hire. Easy way to get more contacts and keep a list of crews handy.

Paul Aguirre,
Lone Star Operations

"Having access to profiled crews anytime is so convenient. For only $99, why wouldn't I have this available all year."

M5 Roofing