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Memorial Day 2021. Who Do You Honor Today? Show us. Tell us.

Memorial Day comes every year. As we all enjoy the time-off and attend celebrations, we want to pay tribute to those who sacrificed it all.

Many of us know a family member, favorite uncle or a friend's grandparent who has served and died for our freedom's today. We honor them and take the day in remembrance of them.

Things to consider...

Memorial Day is NOT Christmas or a holiday in celebration but of respect and honor... It is not "Happy Memorial Day."

What can you you do? Honor those who have fallen. Fly a flag. Take a moment to understand what sacrifices have been laid at your feet.

Labor Central salutes and honors those who have fallen.

Who do you honor today?

Let us know here. We would like to honor them too!


Labor Central | Memorial Day 2021

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